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  • The Acoustic Oosik is an ongoing project. When possible the band will draw in incredible musicians that have the urge to rock. The main member is Ben Balivert. The other members fluctuate daily, almost hour. Members include (from time to time) Jason Agre, Kade Bissel , Bruno Zinno (drummers)  Ryan Conlon (on bass),  Irik Clawsen (on hand drums), and Stuart Riekie (on guitar).  Playing at the drop of a hat is always on the roster.... So many gigs so little time. 

  • Oosik definition below:            

The band is very flexible and has played all types of venues. Every event is different and the Acoustic Oosik is a professional band with high aspirations and a wealth of talent:

Ben is an accomplished nail biter and pinky toe smasher from Wasilla and has the chops to outplay any Wasillabilly this side of Muldoon Road. Original songs such as: Patagonia Condom, The Water, Apple Sauce, Time Wars, Change My Sox, Wine Through a Straw, Seven Mile Sunset, Sliver, Captain Cook, and If Kisses Were Currency range from the Sounds of A Fifteen ton Walrus Oosik Falling Down a 276 step stairway to the more respectable sound of Barry Manilow being mauled by a strangled jellyfish. Alas there are few words to describe the experience that is the Acoustic Oosik. As mentioned above there is  revolving door of talent and collaborators that make up the Acoustic Oosik, Ben being the core member. 

Artists covered by the Acoustic Oosik:
Led Zepplin, Lorde, Gotye, Neil Young, Violent Femmes,  Gnarles Barkley, Post Malone, the Pink Floyd, the Police, Sublime, Tom Waits, America, the Beatles, Credence Clearwater Revival, Wilson Picket, James Brown, Van Morrison, Neil Diamond and many more. 
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